AppleScript Studio Programming Guide

Peter Kitson


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Sample Chapter From AppleScript Studio Programming Guide
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About AppleScript Studio

AppleScript Studio is a powerful tool for quickly creating native Mac OS X applications that support the Aqua user interface guidelines. AppleScript Studio applications use AppleScript scripts to control complex user interfaces. This chapter introduces AppleScript Studio, provides a basic description of its key features, and shows you how to build a simple application.

What Is AppleScript Studio?

AppleScript Studio is a combination of application framework and development environment. It combines features from AppleScript, Xcode, Interface Builder, and the Cocoa application framework. Together, these components provide a sophisticated environment for creating AppleScript solutions. Using AppleScript Studio:

- Scripters can build native Mac OS X applications that execute AppleScript scripts, have access to a wide range of user interface objects, and can control scriptable applications and scriptable parts of the Mac OS. These applications are referred to as AppleScript Studio applications.

- Cocoa developers can take advantage of AppleScript’s many features, including controlling other applications, and can add sophisticated scripting capabilities (not currently available in Cocoa alone) to their applications.