Reference Manual for Macintosh version of Chipmunk Basic

Peter Kitson

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Sample Chapter From Reference Manual for Macintosh version of Chipmunk Basic
     Copyright © Stephen A. Wise

INTRODUCTION Chipmunk Basic for the Macintosh is an impressively powerful and versatile Basic interpreter. It features several modes of file I/O, a customizable pull-down menu, multiple graphics extensions including sprites and buttons, object-oriented type and class definition, matrix arithmetic, Fast Fourier Transform, many system services, and the flexible string handling that is one of Basic\'s traditional strengths. As is to be expected of non-commercial software, CB has its share of bugs, but nothing serious enough to impede the construction of useful programs, especially since the core of standard Basic elements works dependably. People who learned Basic in a high school or college course will find this freeware easy to use for recreational projects. Making its many features accessible to such people is one of the main purposes of this manual. As an interpreted language, Chipmunk Basic is bound to run slower than some compiled versions, but with the speed of today\'s machines that is almost never a problem. And the price is right. * * * * This document is intended primarily as a reference manual rather than an introduction or tutorial. It includes a lot more details than the man page or Quick Reference, but they were the starting point for it, so you will find most of the material from those documents reproduced here, except for the version history and the FAQ section of the Quick Reference. If you notice other details about CB\'s behavior that you think should be included in this manual, please send them to Steve Wise ( Bugs that are not already described here should be reported to CB\'s author, Ronald Nicholson ( CAUTION: This manual is based on Chipmunk Basic version 3.5.0. It includes descriptions of many features that are still in development and thus subject to revision. If you are using a different version of Chipmunk Basic, you will find that it disagrees with some parts of this manual.