QBASIC Tutorial

Peter Kitson

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Sample Chapter From QBASIC Tutorial
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In the early days of programming, it was usually the scientific elite doing the programming and they were usually trained above and beyond the 
average American to do their programming work. It was not until 1964 at Dartsmouth college that the Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction
Code would be introduced -- more commonly known as BASIC. Using common English to perform processor tasks, BASIC became quickly popular,
although it was disliked by programmers of more "low-level" languages such as assembly and FORTRAN. In 1985 Microsoft released their own version
of BASIC called QBasic with their MS-DOS 5.0 operating system. Since then, nearly every PC user owns their own copy of QBasic, making it a widely
known language.

QBasic is a very simple language to pick up, and yet it can accomplish a great deal. Granted you will probably never write Doom or Word Perfect with
QBasic, but it has it's strong points. One of them is to introduce people to programming without having to worry about the internal workings of the computer.
It's simple to create games, business applications, simple databases, and graphics. The best aspect of the language is it's close resemblance to English.

This small tutorial introduces the simple concepts of programming to get you started, so if you already know another language or are already familiar with
programming, you may want to skim through the first couple sections. Good luck!