Delphi Database Application Developers Guide

Peter Kitson

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Sample Chapter From Delphi Database Application Developers Guide
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Chapter 1 : Introduction

Delphi enables you to create robust database applications quickly and easily. Delphi
database applications can work directly with desktop databases like Paradox, dBASE,
the Local InterBase Server, and ODBC data sources. The Delphi Client/Server edition
also works with remote database servers such as Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server,
Informix, InterBase, and ODBC data sources. Delphi client applications can be scaled
easily between mission critical network-based client/server databases, and local
databases on a single machine.

This chapter introduces Delphi’s database tools, including the Data Access and Data
Controls component pages, the Fields Editor, the Database Desktop, and the Database
Forms Expert.

What you should know first

Building a database application is similar to building any other Delphi application. This
book assumes you understand the basic application development techniques covered in
the Delphi User’s Guide, including:

• Creating and managing projects
• Creating forms and managing units
• Working with components, properties, and events
• Writing simple Object Pascal source code

You also need to have a working knowledge of the Database Management System
(DBMS) your Delphi database applications access, whether it is a desktop database such
as dBASE or Paradox, or an SQL server. For information specific to building
client/server applications with Delphi, see Chapter 6, “Building a client/server

This book assumes you have a basic understanding of relational databases, database
design, and data management. There are many third-party books covering these topics
if you need to learn more about them.