Essential Delphi

Peter Kitson

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Sample Chapter From Essential Delphi
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Chapter 1 :  A Form Is A Window

Windows applications are usually based on windows. So, how are we going to create our first window? We'll do it by using a form. As the first part of the title suggests, a form really is a window in disguise. There is no real difference between the two concepts, at least from a general point of view.

If you look closely, a form is always a window, but the reverse isn't always true. Some Delphi components are windows too. A push button is a window. A list box is a window. To avoid confusion, I'll use the term form to indicate the main window of an application or a similar window and the term window in the broader sense.

Creating Your First Form

Even though you have probably already created at least some simple applications in Delphi, I'm going to show you the process again, to highlight some interesting points. Creating a form is one of the easiest operations in the system: you only need to open Delphi, and it will automatically create a new, empty form for you, as you can see in the figure below.